According to Senator Bledsoe, all bills pertaining to marijuana will be heard in the Senate this Wednesday.  Her committee meets at 10:00 am in room 272 at the Capitol.  We need feet on the ground to fight many of these bills.

If you plan to go to the Capitol to speak or support DPEG, PLEASE dress professionally, be polite and be prepared with your statements.

The bills that will be heard are:

PUBLIC HEALTH, WELFARE AND LABOR-SENATE  Capitol Room 272 Wednesday March 1 @10:00 AM

Bad bills

SB238-Delay implementation of the Medical Marijuana Act

SB333-Ban the use of marijuana in food or drinks

SB357-Prohibit smoking of marijuana in ANY location

HB1451- Regarding active military and National Guard.  Also prevents them from being a caregiver

Positive Bills

HB1371-Concerning ownership of cultivation centers and dispensaries

HB1402-Allow scheduling to automatically change if federal government makes a scheduling change

HB1507-Allows to collect fines for violations

HB1519-Allow changes in Medical marijuana commission

SENATE COMMITTEE ON JUDICIARY- Capitol Room 171 Wednesday March 1 @10:00 AM

SB130-Puts Marijuana DUI charges @ 5 nanograms

HOUSE RULES- MAC Bldg. Room B Wednesday March 1 @ 12:00 PM

Bad Bills

HB1580-Allow a special 4% sales tax to be added to sale of medical marijuana

HB1391-Allow City Council or Quorum Courts to decide whether a cultivation center or dispensary is allowed in their city or county

HB1392-Ban marijuana in food or drink

HB1400-Ban smoking of marijuana

HB1460-Allow Employers to fire you if they choose to test you and you test positive

HB1508-Ban Advertising

Positive or Neutral Bills

HB1556-Ban on telemedicine recommendations. This just means that you have to see a doctor in person to receive a recommendation.

HB1436-This allows a chronically ill patient to receive a 3 year recommendation rather than a 1 year.

HB1584-Allows a temporary license for cultivation center or dispensary

If you are unable to attend, PLEASE contact your Senator and Representative to tell them how you would like them to vote on each bill.  Remember to be brief, polite and polite.  Angry words and ranting will do more harm than good

Here is a list of all Legislatures & their contact info:…/LegislatorSearchResults.asp…

The in-session numbers are: 501-682-6211, your Senator at 501-682-6107 or 501-682-2902.