Early Issuing of Patient Cards

PLEASE do not call the health department about the cards. They are getting WAY too many calls and cannot do their jobs.
I spoke with them this morning and at THIS point, because so many people have requested their cards early, they are planning to issue them by the second week of February. They will make the final decision after the MMJ commission meeting.
PLEASE remember, no matter what David Couch said in his interview, it IS still illegal to cross state lines with cannabis.
It is very easy for him to say that you won’t be prosecuted. HE won’t be the one spending thousands of dollars on attorney fees and possibly serving prison time.

Oklahoma is looking at Arkansas patients as another cash cow. $100 for a temporary license. Most patients are not going to have the $100, plus the cost of the medicine.

I know how frustrating this is, believe me, I feel it too, but risking prison by crossing state lines is not worth it.
I am also concerned because they have not made any provisions for the card expiration to be extended for the months that will be lost with no dispensaries.

I know that the Oklahoma option seems like a fix all, but I think it will create even more problems for patients and having their card with no open dispensaries will give patients a false sense of security. Technically, until dispensaries are open in the state, you can still be charged with possession.

I will keep everyone posted as soon as we get updates, but again, PLEASE do not keep calling the health department.

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