We are so excited to announce that HB1778 has been filed to allow Industrial Hemp to be grown in Arkansas. DPEG presented this bill to Representative David Hillman and he filed it today. We are expecting several Senators and Representatives to co-sponsor it.

To read the bill, go to:


  1. I’m a75 yrs old Christian woman, I can’t take the harsh meds the doctor gives. I desperately need the CBD oils and edibles for the almost unbearable pain 24/7 from several autoimmune diseases. Sjogrens Syndrome, IBS, and Neuropathy . I don’t smoke so I need the edibles. We live here but have a home in Colorado and have used the oil and edibles while there and they definitely help the pain. We can’t bring it home to use because it’s illegal, don’t want to get in trouble. We are upstanding business owners, not some hippy!! I intend to work hard next election to vote against these holier than thou politicians (Rapert). Someday they may suffer from these diseases, they need to be more understanding of all of us Elderly people who need help. We have doctors , pharmacist and pharmaceutical salesman in our immediate family, I still can’t take the strong meds. Please help us!!

    • I also have Sjogrens syndrome.. but I can’t take any pain medicine because I have a 7 year old daughter with epilepsy and I’m scared to death that I wouldn’t respond correctly on pain meds or muscle relaxers if she had a really bad seizure.

      So I’m waiting for the time that both my daughter and I can take a natural medicine with NO HARSH SIDE EFFECTS. This is a step in the right direction. Let’s all be more understanding and accepting of the plant that can come in and help so many people in all walks of life.

      • we hope to have the program up and going by the end of the year. With the addition of clones and cuttings, it should cut the production time by about a month

  2. I thought I would be able to grow some hemp on my property, you know, to share and sell freely, but I would have to get a license. Not like a fishing license either, I would have to give them global coordinates of the “field” in which I would grow it, so that they can easily confiscate it. They would have to inspect the land twice a year, and regularly test the weed for thc. If it ended up in the hands of someone not licensed, it would be considered contraband. If I were licensed, I could only do transactions with other licensed companies. This is just corporatism and statism. More ways for the state to take your property.

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