New positive amendments on Issue 6

A new list of amendments trying to fix Issue 6 have been proposed.

The first is HB1371.  It clarifies the owners of cultivation centers and dispensaries. Here:

The next is HB1370. Allows the Marijuana Commission to set rules and regulations for marketing and packaging marijuana products. Here:

The third is HB1369.  It redirects all sales tax on MMJ to be used to run the program. Here:

All of these amendments will be necessary to get this program up and going.  Though Issue 6 is a disaster, Rep. Doug House has been working tirelessly to improve it and make it workable.

You can reach your representatives by calling the In-session number 501-682-6211, your Senator at 501-682-6107 or 501-682-2902 and leave a message. Be brief and polite.  Give them the bill number and the bill subject.  There is a permanent record of your call and request.  While you are leaving messages on bills, please take the time to leave a thank you message for Rep. House for taking the time to make Issue 6 livable.

Here is a list of legislators in Arkansas:  501-682-6211, your Senator at 501-682-6107 or 501-682-2902.

Here is a list of all Legislatures & their contact info:…/LegislatorSearchResults.asp…