Our voices are being heard.  Each of you that make these calls are the forces that will make Issue 6 more patient friendly.  The medical marijuana law is SUPPOSED to be about patient and Rep. Doug House (R) North Little Rock has been our champion.  He has filed and passed several bills that will benefit patients and help the marijuana program run smoother.

Thanks to all of you making phone calls and emails to our legislators, SB254 has been defeated.  This would have given the Marijuana Commission the authority to prevent dispensaries from growing.

We are winning these battles, but the fight is far from over.  Greg Standridge has filed SB333, preventing dispensaries from selling edibles & Jason Rapert has filed SB357 which prevents smoking.  He has still refused to withdraw SB238 which would stop the enactment of the marijuana law until federal government reschedules it.

We MUST continue to contact our Representatives and Senators and tell them that THESE BILLS ARE BAD!!!!!  The PEOPLE have made their wishes known and it is the responsibility of the legislature to get the program up and going.

In-session number for the house is 501-682-6211, your Senate is 501-682-6107 or 501-682-2902.

For a list of legislators, go to:

We try to keep you updated as often as possible.  We are at the Capitol about 3 days a week with the sole purpose of helping to defeat these unfair bills, but we need help!!!  If you can’t join us on Capitol Hill, take a few minutes to call your legislators!