Exciting News!!!!!!  The Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act (HB1778) has passed and is on the Governor’s desk awaiting his signature.  It passed in the House 79-1 and the Senate 34-0.  The ONLY legislator to vote no was ANDY MAYBERRY.

This is a great win for Arkansas.  Hemp is used for so many products (clothes, cosmetics, building materials and food) just to name a few.

DPEG has worked hard this session fighting to defeat bills that would harm the MMJ program and pushing for the bills that would help.  I want to thank Rep. Doug House for the incredible job he has done on the bills that he wrote to get the program going.

Being at the Capitol fighting and our members and supporters making phone calls on a near daily basis made all the difference in the world.  Here is a chart showing all the marijuana bills for the session, their results and the ones that are still tied up in committees.  Those still tied up will most likely NOT go any further.  The session is due to wrap up tomorrow.  I will post the results of the last few bills next week.

FIGHTING FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA AND DRUG REFORM IS NOT CHEAP! It takes a lot of money to fight for reform and this session has seriously depleted our coffers.  As most of you know, DPEG officers take no salary and everyone who works on these efforts do it as volunteers.  But even without salaries, we have monthly expenses, The Patient Day and other expenses.  Please consider making a tax deductible donation by clicking here:

As the Arkansas Legislature session comes to an end for the year, here is a recap of ALL the medical marijuana bills that were introduced:

HB1026 Extend Rulemaking to July 1, 2017 PASSED – ACT 4
HB1049 Felony Violence Definition PASSED – ACT 544
HB1051 Transporters, Distributors, Processors PASSED – ACT 642
HB1057 Strengthen background checks PASSED – ACT 545
HB1058 Medical certifications-ease physicians ability to recommend PASSED – ACT 5
HB1298 Rules for transferring cultivation or dispensary license PASSED – ACT 641
HB1369 Re-prioritize tax revenue to cover costs of program PASSED – ACT 670
HB1370 ABC regarding packaging and advertising PASSED – ACT 640
HB1400 Guidelines where smoking of marijuana can be done PASSED – ACT 740
HB1436 Clarified license expiration dates PASSED – ACT 594
HB1451 Prevent active military from being patients PASSED – ACT 479
HB1460 Clarify employment law PASSED – ACT 593
HB1507 Ability for ABC to impose fines PASSED – ACT 639
HB1519 Place the MMC under DFA PASSED – ACT 638
HB1556 Disallows written certifications to be by telemedicine PASSED –ACT  438
HB1584 Creates temporary dispensary or cultivation license PASSED –ACT 587
HB1402 Regarding federal Scheduling changes being accepted immediately in the state PASSED – ACT 440


HB1991 Prohibits vending machine sales, limits amount of THC in edibles GOVERNOR’S OFFICE AWAITING HIS SIGNATURES
HB2011 Sets security rules and clarifies boundary line calculation GOVERNOR’S OFFICE AWAITING HIS SIGNATURES
HB2094 Allows acquisition of seeds, cuttings, clones and seedlings GOVERNOR’S OFFICE AWAITING HIS SIGNATURES
HB2190 Appointing a pharmacy consultant GOVERNOR’S OFFICE AWAITING HIS SIGNATURES
SB769 Reporting mmj dispensing to Arkansas all-payer claims database GOVERNOR’S OFFICE AWAITING HIS SIGNATURES


HB1371 Clarifies 60% ownership TO BE VOTED ON SENATE FLOOR 4/3/17
HB1580 Creates privilege tax on MMJ CONCUR IN SENATE AMENDMENT 4/3/17
HB1935 Prohibit patients in public schools from certain activities CONCUR IN SENATE AMENDMENT 4/3/17


HB1883, HB1939, HB2142, HB2143, HB2144, HB2166, HB2167 Shell bills- These bills are filed to add to at a later date and have expired FAILED
HB1816 Mandates MMC consider diversity in licenses and MMC FAILED
SB254 Strip growing ability of dispensaries FAILED
SB357 Ban smoking of marijuana FAILED
HB1392 Ban edible sales in dispensaries FAILED
SB721 Mirrored HB2190 FAILED


HB1391 Allow quorum courts or City Councils to determine allowing  dispensaries or cultivation centers DEFERRED
SB130 Determines levels to be considered intoxicated DEFERRED
HB1989 Prohibit smoking in certain areas DEFERRED
HB1990 Removes certain qualifying conditions, prohibits adding new conditions DEFERRED
HB2222 Mirrored HB2011 DEFERRED
HB2239 Reappropriated tax dollars away from marijuana program DEFERRED
HB1508 Prohibit Advertising STALLED IN COMMITTEE
SB238 Delay Implementation of program STALLED IN COMMITTEE
SB243 Amend where tax money goes STALLED IN COMMITTEE
SB333 Ban the sale of edibles FAILED SENATE-VOTE EXPUNGED
SB424 Where excess tax dollars will be spent STALLED IN COMMITTEE
SB561 City council the ability to zone mmj business STALLED IN COMMITTEE
SB674 Set financial requirements for cultivation facilities STALLED IN COMMITTEE
SB690, SB696, SB722 Senate Shell Bills NO ACTIVITY



If you wish to read more about these bills, go to:


  1. I just want to thank Gary and Melissa Fults for their dedication to the people of Arkansas. Without their unwavering and diligent sacrifices, Arkansas would not have a medical cannabis program. Without their drive, their time, and their effort, the law that was passed would have been gutted. Every single patient in the STATE will benefit from THEIR actions. They organized us, they trained us, they motivated us, and they sometimes pushed us, but without them this would never have happened!!! THANK YOU!!

    • Thank you so much for those kind words. It has been a long, long road but it has been worth every heartbreak, every fight as well as every victory and every friend made.
      We could never have accomplished all of this without the hundreds of volunteers that stood by us and didn’t kill me for pushing them so hard

  2. Incredible work by the most amazing bunch of people I’ve ever known. Your accomplishments will go down in history. THANK YOU!

  3. I greatly appreciate having all of this information in one place. Thank you so much for your effort and hard work.

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