Today was extremely disheartening at the Capitol.  Even though we were able to kill SB238 which would delay enacting the medical marijuana program, too many bills got through the committees.  All of these bills will be up for vote in both the Senate and House tomorrow, (Thursday March 2)

In the Senate,

  • SB357 which would ban smoking of cannabis
  • SB333 which would ban edibles
  • HB1451 which would deny active military and Arkansas National Guard not only having a license, but also deny them the ability to be a caregiver even to a family member.  All 3  passed and will go to the Senate floor to be voted on.

In the House,

  • HB1580, which would add an additional specialty tax on each level (Cultivation Center, Dispensary and then to consumer).  It would basically add 12% specialty tax on top of the county, city & state sales tax making patients pay unreasonable prices for their MEDICINE.  This bill will now go to the House floor for a vote.

We are fighting as hard as we can to beat these bills, but our voice is not enough.  We need each and every one of you to call your Senator & Representative & tell them NO on these very bad bills.

Representative House has asked everyone to CALL their legislators.  It is much more effective than emailing.  The in-session # for your representative is 501-682-6211, your Senator at 501-682-6107 or 501-682-2902  . Here is a list of all Legislatures & their contact info:


Here is a sample for a call:

Hello Senator/Representative_________, I am a constituent in your district and I am asking you to please vote NO on these bills.

  • SB357 would ban smoking of cannabis
  • SB333 would ban edibles
  • HB1451 would deny active military or National guard from even being a care giver which would in no way effect their ability to perform their duties
  • HB1580 which would put an unfair additional tax on cannabis patient’s medicine.

I thank you for you time and hope that you will honor my request by voting no on these bills.  The patients in Arkansas voted for medical marijuana and expect our legislators to respect our wishes.

Please make these calls ASAP.  It is critical for them to hear our voices.  I am sure they will try to get these voted on before too many people contact their legislators, so time is critical



  1. Even though the people of Arkansas passed the medical marijuana issue-they are still trying to stop it? How is this possible? The majority has spoken!!!

  2. I can’t understand how they can make this medicine legal, and then make it illegal to ingest it. Is there something mentally wrong with these people?

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