Welcome to DPEG

As we say goodbye to 2016, we realize that our fight is far from over. 2017 brings new challenges for medical cannabis warriors. Though we now have legal medical cannabis in Arkansas, Issue 6 has left far too many patients behind. Drug Policy Education Group (DPEG) will be the strength behind those battles. We plan to work with the legislature to improve Issue 6 and incorporate as many of the strong provisions that Issue 7 had. For those of you that do not know the history of DPEG, I will give you a brief outline. DPEG was created by Denele Campbell in the mid 90’s to create a forum for marijuana reform education. The goal was to educate both politicians and communities on the benefits of marijuana. Now that we have a basic law to work with, we will push forward in reform and continue to educate. We will not back down until each and every patient that can benefit from the properties of cannabis has safe and legal access.

We will be attending all meetings that we possibly can from the medical Marijuana Commission, the Arkansas Department of Health and the legislative committee on mmj. We will keep you updated on all progress made. We hope that you all will join us in this fight so that we can guarantee the best laws possible for the patients of Arkansas.